Gemini Children's Music

Laszlo is one of the twin brothers in the nationally known music duo, Gemini. Gemini writes and plays acoustic music for children and families, celebrating the fun, warmth, and humor of family life. Their recordings and concerts are filled with rousing sing-alongs, folk tales, and music from around the world. "Beautiful songs and singing! Delightful!" – Robert Sherman, WQXR, the voice of the New York Times This link will take you to the part of the Gemini website which features their music for adults, including all of Laszlo's solo CD's of the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz set to song.

Eagle and Condor Together

This website is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the Andean tradition, and music, services, products and healing ways that bring the mind and heart into harmony and balance in daily life. Available on this website is a CD, "In the Same Sky," featuring Laszlo, his wife, Helen and Andean indigenous musician Oscar Santillan. The music includes traditional melodies from the Andes, as well as original compositions by Laszlo and Helen.

Hillside of Dreams—Ecuador

Hillside of Dreams (Loma de Ensueños) is a unique place located on a much-eroded hillside in the Cotopaxi region of Ecuador. The hill carries a special energy from the prayers and ceremonies of connection performed there over many years. A number of us from both North and South America (Eagles and Condors) are working together to make the hillside green again. There are many ways to participate — join us!

Helen's Blog

Writings, drawings and photos of transformative experiences in nature at the Hillside of Dreams in Ecuador and elsewhere.

Website of Alverto Taxo

Don Alverto Taxo is a master Iachak of the Atis (Kichwa) people from the Cotopaxi region of Ecuador. He was given the highest honor of Master Iachak by the Shamanic Council of South America. He generously shares ancient Andean wisdom and practices with people who seek happiness, balance and fulfillment. Through simple habits and practices in daily life, he teaches us to feel the sacredness of each moment and every place.