Receiving the Shore

Receiving the Shore (Book/CD)

Receiving the Shore (Book/CD)

Receiving the Shore is a collaboration bringing together poetry by Jennifer Burd and musical settings of those pieces by Laszlo Slomovits. The ten longer poems in the book are interspersed with meditative haiku sequences and evocative drawings by artist Melanie Boyle. The accompanying CD includes song settings for all the poems, sung and accented with folk flutes by Laszlo. Musical arrangements for all the pieces are by Emmy award-winning pianist Brian Brill.

Rendered in both the written word and in music, Receiving the Shore reveals a connection to the natural world through internal and external landscapes. In one piece, water reaches

… all the way to
the truest sound inside us:

you’re here, you’re here,
you’re here.

In another, we are told to consider our perspective when we step out from a tree's shadow:

What we do
what we see.

We are invited to enter these inner and outer spaces, and move through the seasons in both word and song.

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Full Track List

  1. Step
  2. Voice
  3. Summer Haiku
  4. Lake Superior
  5. Walking Home at Dusk
  6. Autumn Haiku
  7. September Song
  8. Rain Is
  9. Winter Haiku
  10. Solstice Hymn
  11. Winter Day
  12. In Winter
  13. Spring Haiku
  14. Forget-Me-Not